Economic Justice for People of African Descent

My Name is Barbara Horne I’m the Representative from UN NGO Athletes United for Peace under consultative status with ECOSOC we are grateful to participate in this important event. We express our gratitude to the organizers for providing us with this opportunity.
We would like to renew and expand our call delivered to the Permanent Forum in April 2021.
We are asking for the development of a blueprint on Economic Justice for People of African Descent, similar to the Sustainable Development Goals…the SDGs. The aim, in large part, is to measure the progress of the efforts of member states in addressing systemic and structural barriers to opportunities for People of African Descent but in the context of the legacy of slavery, colonialism, and racism.
The Blueprint for Economic Justice for People of African Descent would address the enduring challenges of persistent disparities in wealth, income, and access to economic opportunities by providing measurable goals for the efforts that the governments of members states and private entities are using to redress the economic atrocities that people of African Descent have and continue to endure.
We hope the information would be used to understand what’s working, what’s not and course correct in pursuit of a Human Rights Economy and Economic Justice for People of African Descent.
We have also submitted our statement in writing and Thank you again for this opportunity.


The following is an example of what we envision: 

Goal: Ensure equal access to education and training opportunities for people of African descent.
• Increase enrollment and graduation rates of people of African descent in all levels of education, from primary to tertiary.
• Ensure that education and training programs are culturally responsive and relevant to the needs of people of African descent.
• Increase investment in education and training programs that prioritize people of African descent with a focus on thriving fields like Information Technology.

Goal: Promote economic empowerment and entrepreneurship among people of African descent.
• Increase access to capital, technical assistance, and business development services for people of African descent.
• Support the development of businesses and enterprises by people of African descent, including through government procurement policies and incentives.
• Encourage investment in African diaspora communities and support the development of local economies.
Goal: Eliminate discrimination and bias in employment and workplace practices.
• Increase representation of people of African descent in leadership and decision-making positions in all sectors.
• Ensure that workplaces are free from discrimination, harassment, and bias, and that employees are treated fairly and equitably.
• Strengthen enforcement of anti-discrimination laws and regulations.
Goal: Increase access to affordable housing and equitable land ownership.

• Increase the supply of affordable housing for people of African descent, particularly in urban areas.
• Eliminate discriminatory practices in housing and land ownership including access the mortgages and credit
• Support the development of community models of collective land ownership.

Goal: Ensure access to quality healthcare and social services.
• Eliminate racial disparities in access to healthcare and health outcomes.
• Increase investment in healthcare and social services in African diaspora communities.
• Strengthen cultural competency and responsiveness in healthcare and social service delivery.
Goal: Strengthen social safety nets and promote economic security for all.
• Promote universal access to healthcare, education, and other basic needs.
• Implement policies and programs that reduce income inequality and promote economic security.
• Implement Universal Healthcare, Universal Housing and Universal Basic Income for all.

The implementation of this blueprint will require the commitment and collaboration of governments, civil society organizations, businesses, and individuals at all levels. It is a long-term vision that requires sustained effort, investment, and a commitment to measuring success to achieve economic justice for people of African descent.

Delivered in Geneva at the United Nations May 2023