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Statement on Peacebuilding and Sustaining Peace:

An Imperative for the Future The world stands at a precipice, teetering between escalating challenges and the promise of a more harmonious future. As we approach the Summit of the Future and the Peacebuilding Architecture Review, it becomes even more evident that peace requires sacrifice. The multilateral system remains our best hope in addressing shared challenges to peacebuilding and sustaining peace. Member States, through this framework, can enhance diplomatic dialogues, share best practices, and ensure that every nation's voice is heard. The Summit of the Future in 2024 and the 2025 review present unique opportunities to redefine global peacebuilding priorities. First and foremost, addressing systemic issues is paramount. Economic Justice is necessary and should include the true stories of colonialism, racism, and its impact. This historical reckoning can pave the way for reparative actions, ensuring a future on a more honest footing. Our priorities must encompass the creation of a robust Social Safety Net that guarantees people clean air, clean water, healthcare for all, housing, education, and income. Meeting these fundamental human needs is not merely a matter of welfare but a cornerstone of enduring peace. In addition, we must encourage each individual to transform their own consciousness; we have the ability to change the world through all of our actions and interactions. By elevating the collective consciousness, nations can work collaboratively to ensure lasting peace. Given the present challenges, we are in a really crucial stage, not only in climate change but in War. With this reality, innovative peacebuilding tools should be explored. There should be sports competitions throughout the world during wars. Sports have a unique power to unify, transcending the harshest of divides. With Sport being International, the Athlete will be the harbinger of Peace, becoming global symbols of unity, hope, and resilience. In conclusion, the work ahead is monumental but by no means insurmountable. Through dedicated efforts, strategic alliances, and the unwavering belief in the power of collective action, the United Nations can indeed strengthen its role in peacebuilding and sustaining peace for generations to come.

Athletes United for Peace


Phillip Shinnick Athletes United for Peace Founder, Chairman of the Board, United Nations Representative, 1964 and 1968 Olympian Track and Field World Record Holder

Dave Meggessey Athletes United for Peace Co-Founder, President of the Board, Evo Sports Founder, National Football League Players Association, Linebacker St. Louis Cardinals

Barbara Horne Athletes United for Peace Board, Information Technology Officer, United Nations Representative, Economic Justice Initiative, 1st Dan Shotokan