Hoops for Peace Chicago...

DATE: December 9th and 10th LOCATION: Collins Academy High School 1313 S. Sacramento Dr. Chicago, IL 60623

The Hoops for Peace Classic provides an opportunity for varsity, sophomore, and freshmen basketball players in the Chicago area to play teams they wouldn't normally play throughout the basketball season. This year, over 35 schools will be attending the tournament – the most in its history! The founders and organizers of the Hall of Fame Classic, Jimmy Sanders and Shawn Harrington, have deep roots in Chicago basketball. Both lived in Chicago for most of their lives and were basketball superstars at the high schools they attended. We'd love for you to come out and support this incredible event! If you’re an athlete, come play (link to team sign up); if you live in Chicago, come watch; and if you can’t make it this year, consider supporting Jimmy and Shawn’s cause by donating (link to donation page) or becoming a sponsor (link to sponsorship page or email)!

Hear from Jimmy Sanders of Hoops for Peace Chicago

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