Barbara Horne


Barbara grew up in New Jersey. From early on she studied Dance and ran Track.

Before graduating highschool she attended Carnegie Mellon University’s Advanced Placement Early Acceptance program, where she and fellow students were some of the few people in the world on the Internet at the time.

At 19 while attending Rutgers College Barbara was a founder of BluEnke, a publishing and production company that poduced books of poetry, a News Magazine and shows throughout NJ, NY and surrounding areas. The focus was on the writings of Black Women.

She worked on numerous campaigns including ending the unconstitutional "Party without a Permit Law" and "the Battle for New Brunswick's Elected School Board". She was also a founding member of NBCAPB.

In the late 90s through early 2000s she used her Information Technology (IT) skills to contract as an applications and web trainer at various Businesses and institutions across the United States, including Deutsche Bank, the Federal Reserve and New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). In 2004 she was brought onboard as an Information Technology Consultant at Goldman Sachs where she designed, developed and delivered Mobile Applications and Project Management training and IT solutions.

In 2009 she opened Liquids and Eats café and Savory Fusion Food Service which brought healthy food options to her hometown of Trenton in addition to Art, Tech and Health community programming. Throughout 2010 and 2011 she delivered Project Management training and consulting to Scientists and Tech professionals at Harvard’s Smithsonian’s Astrophysics Observatory.  During that time she developed IT solutions to help connect the United Nations with the local communities and was brought onboard the UN NGO (Non Governmental Organization) Athletes United for Peace.

In 2015 she was invited to speak at Cloud Connect China, Interop Las Vegas, QCon Tokyo and keynote at QCon Beijing on her firm's, The Business Channels, methodology DRIVE. In 2019 Barbara Instructed on a Team that trained thousands of employees across the United States at all levels throughout the firm on PwC’s Digital Strategy, including Data Transformation, Data Automation, Data Visualization, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language (NL) and PowerBI.
The team taught Deep Dives in Alteryx, Tableau and UI Path. Consulted users on the best approach to align their projects with the right Data and BI applications.She is a 1st Dan under JKA and was a long standing member of the Women's Center Club until they closed thier doors in 2014.
She now serves as Information Officer and UN rep for Athletes United for Peace and is the Board Chair for CESI (Community Education for Sustainability Institute), a not for profit focused on helping to move people out of poverty through the use of Information Technology.

Barbara's key Issues are Economic Justice, Women's Rights and Racial Injustice.

Click Here for Barbara's activities with Athletes United for Peace
Writings Include Book of Poetry: All of Me or So It seems

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