Care Cypher

After days of insightful and intense discussions at CSW 68, the women of H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory, Evo Sports Collective, and Athletes United for Peace cordially invite you to decompress.
This unique interactive experience we call the Care Cypher. In Hip-Hop, a dance cypher occurs in the powerful symbol of a circle and is an exchange of energy between those in the circle and those that make up the circle.
With this foundation, we encircle us; women organizers, activists, partners, mothers, wives, sisters, friends, workers paid and volunteer caregivers, that tirelessly juggle multiple roles, with care.

Care Cypher is more than just a gathering; it's a celebration of wisdom and intergenerational knowledge. It’s an opportunity to create expansiveness beyond silos, to foster leadership, and to emphasize the importance of self-care among leaders. Health Wellness Decompression Play

Our MC Yvonne Chow will take you on a musical and movement journey designed to ground and rejuvenate you.

Care Cypher Facilitators will share a story about cultivating balance and then share with you 1 takeaway tool. Explore ways to balance your many responsibilities while nurturing your own well-being.

Together, let's exchange our invaluable knowledge and recognize and uplift every aspect of our life. 


Yvonne H. Chow
Director of Operations, Education Director, Curator of Works, and Principal Dancer of H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory Care Cypher

Facilitators and Organizers:
Porshia Derival
Executive Director of H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory

Amy Smith
Co-Owner EarthnAirCreations, Director of Social Change, Equity and Inclusion Evo Sport Collective

Jennifer Kartiganer
CEO Evo Sport Collective

Yasmine Fequiere
Certified Doula
Associate Artistic Director od H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory

Barbara Horne
AUP Board, UN Rep, Information and Tech Officer Athletes United for Peace

What to Expect Wisdom Sharing:
Engage in enriching conversations that bridge generations, sharing invaluable knowledge and insights Lightfulness and Play: Experience the joy of light-heartedness and play in an atmosphere filled with music, fostering a sense of community. Collaborative Art: Contribute to a collaborative art piece that symbolizes our collective journey Nurturing Environment: Find yourself in a space that is alive and awake, designed to nurture and rejuvenate, allowing us to return to our roles refreshed and inspired. This event is an invitation to connect and come together to recognize and honor the multifaceted lives we lead, sharing in the joy and challenges of our journeys.

March 21st, 2024
H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory and Athletes United for Peace are United Nations NGO under ECOSOC