AUP working with UC Berkeley intern team on social media project
Berkeley - Earlier this spring, students from UC Berkeley's American Sports, Cultures and Education class were introduced to Athletes United for Peace through a guest lecture by the executive director Doug Harris.

The discussion covered information about the nonprofit's history as a United Nations NGO, and Harris' background as an accomplished documentary filmmaker. Harris shared his recent documentary OUT: The Glenn Burke Story about baseball's first openly gay player, a hot topic in the national media with the coming out of the NBA's Jason Collins.

The outcome of the lecture has culminated into four of the undergraduate students teaming up with AUP as interns to work on a special social media project (facebook page). "This has been a great service learning opportunity for some of my students, and we look forward to developing a strong partnership with AUP," says Derek Van Rheenen.

UC Berkeley Professor Derek Van Rheenen introduces Doug Harris to his American Sports, Cultures and Education class.

Athletes United for Peace nearing 30th anniversary as nonprofit
Since Athletes United for Peace was incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization back in 1984, the group has continually found creative ways to carry out it's mission of promoting peace, education and friendship through sports.

Over the last decade, AUP has found a niche working through the media to reach masses of people. Whether over the radio airwaves in Chicago, or through cable television programming in the Bay Area, is staying in tuned with today's media focused society.

"As our organization's anniversary approaches, plans are in the works to produce a documentary featuring many of the people that have been an integral part of our long journey," comments AUP executive director and filmmaker Doug Harris. "There's a lot to be learned about the evolution of sports in our society, and the stories of all these great peacebuilders can definitely help raise awareness about the importance of people working collectively to create a worldwide culture of peace."